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Also affect computer performance changes that may occur within or outside training: a new signing, a change of coach or club leader, a key player is injured. These situations also influence the motivation and morale of the players.

We must also take into account the characteristics of each team play very well in some national leagues but have very poor performances in matches or international cups.

There are teams that usually guys do an excellent job against big teams, because it requires a better game, and they do so well against teams of the same level. Some play better in certain climate, or against teams with certain characteristics or tactical wont.

We know that 60% chance is equivalent to a market share of approximately 1.67. According to that, we will decide whether the gamble is worth it or not, according to the risk / benefit ratio. When we chose simple sports betting, usually favorite team or athlete.

We do it because we assume that it is a safe bet, and although the fee is not too high (and not win a lot of money), in a way we guarantee that you will lose.

But we can also choose the opposite strategy: the betting underdog, if we assume, for some reason, you can get to be a surprise in the result. Both strategies, betting on betting favorite and underdog, require analysis and, above all, patience to get the best performance.

Generally the best results are obtained in the betting offer long term, because they are those in which shares are changing as we approach the date of the event, and also circumstances change (such as injured players, or sanctioned , they will not participate in the match, etc). The long-term bets, also possible in the NBA, depend a bit of luck, plus the ability of the gambler. But they can be useful for trading as prices vary slowly. As always, there is sure to win any of these bets in the NBA, but it would not hurt to try. For all bets no risk of losing ... but also many opportunities to win.