Why Harness Racing Is Growing In Popularity

Harness horse racing, otherwise known as trotting, is a form of horse racing that involves the jockey being pulled in a cart behind the horse, as opposed to riding the horse in more traditionally known horse racing. Recently in Australia, and the world, harness horse racing has seen increased popularity, with more betting on harness horse racing than ever before. Harness horse racing betting options are provided by the majority of online bookmakers, although manual betting options are also available a harness racing tracks.

There are a number of reasons for the increase in popularity of this from of horse racing, but the primary reasons are likely that this form of racing is much slower than traditional horse racing, which promotes an atmosphere of entertainment for live race viewers, and that harness horse racing is much less stressful to the horses involved in the racing itself. There are also so many horse racing tips NZ has to offer, and this makes betting on this sport so much more enjoyable and rewarding.

Horse Well Being

Some think that the weight of a cart and jockey are a burden to a horse, but the truth is that the weight is insignificant to an animal of such power and size. Harness pulling horses are, in general, put through a great deal less exertion than horses in traditional horse racing. Harness horse racing is well known for being raced at a trot, hence the nickname trotting, which means that horses hardly even reach a small fraction of their full speed. Harness horses are in fact racing at a very leisurely pace.

The use of a whip was also banned in harness horse racing, with Australia being the first country to do so. Whips are no longer used in any harness races, which was a highly commended law change that has further reduced the levels of stress for the animals involved. Harness horses trot at a steady pace regardless, and always provide an enjoyable watching experience.

Horse Breeds Used

Traditional horse racing has a strong focus on horses that are of very strong and prestigious breeds, otherwise known as thoroughbreds. Such horses are extremely valuable and expensive, so much so that few can afford the costs. There is not a focus on expensive horse breeds in harness horse racing, which has opened up the sport to breeders across the country. Although harness horses are all very strong and healthy, they are not expensive thoroughbreds, with average horses being allowed to race.

Viewing Entertainment

Many find fast traditional horse racing confusing, since the race happens at such a rapid pace. Harness horse racing is much slower and more deliberate, allowing viewers to always be aware of what’s happening. Harness race tracks also put more of a focus on fun and entertainment, to complement the slow pace of the racing. A harness racetrack, therefore, often has a much more relaxed ambience.

Online Betting

Legal online betting is available for the many harness racetracks in Australia. Simply navigate to the harness horseracing tab, and current races and horse odds will be listed. Many online bookmakers offer live feeds of harness horse racing events, which can be viewed for free.